Unbeatable [adjective]

Definition of Unbeatable:

not beatable

Synonyms of Unbeatable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbeatable:

Sentence/Example of Unbeatable:

In a matter of months he had welded the Orient into an unbeatable war-machine.

The situation here is rough but not unbeatable—so listen and learn.

But there it stands, a paper of record and unbeatable in any court in the land.

All the pitchers were shot to pieces, and the Quakers seemed to be unbeatable.

If Frank needed anything to make him unbeatable that afternoon, the thing had come to pass.

The collapse of the Russian armies had also made many of them believe Germany was unbeatable.

All men admitted that a partnership between Scattergood and Lafe would be unbeatable.

The baron, and we also, regard the Varian gun and Chaosite as an unbeatable combination.

Hazel stopped, his eyes veiling over, as though he held a hand at poker that was unbeatable.

On the defensive, it was believed by many, he was unbeatable, conditions of supply and equipment being equal.