Unbecoming [adjective]

Definition of Unbecoming:

improper, unsuitable

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbecoming:

Sentence/Example of Unbecoming:

I am indeed concerned to find her ladyship behave in so unbecoming a manner.

It 50 would be unbecoming in me to be more diffuse on this subject.

It was not unbecoming to her; on the contrary, she got rosy all over, her eyes were like candles.

I cannot bear cynicism, Joe; there is no quality so unbecoming to a gentleman.

Nothing in his language or behaviour is unbecoming the guardian of the beautiful Charmides.

We are either glad or sorry at a gift, and both emotions are unbecoming.

I wanted to regulate my feelings which, I told him, were in an unbecoming state of confusion.

I trust that an unbecoming jealousy of my privileged position had nothing to do with it.

Then you must allow that you have committed an unbecoming action.

An evil genius always makes me say or do something there unbecoming.