Unbefitting [adjective]

Definition of Unbefitting:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unbefitting:


Sentence/Example of Unbefitting:

There have been tricks, unbefitting the dealings of scrupulous Christian men.

And here again, it was the unbefitting, not the person, which stirred his wrath.

I decline to enter into an unbefitting altercation with you, Maurice.

Therefore "praise is comely," and fear and faltering are unbefitting.

The consternation in England when their departure, so unbefitting royalty, was discovered, can scarcely be imagined.

And if any license at all may be allowed in works of so severe a character, it is precisely here where that is least unbefitting.

And if grandfather thinks it is unbefitting the family dignity he can put cotton in his ears.

From that time on, tourists began to mutilate it by cutting into it their befitting or unbefitting remarks.

After receiving ecclesiastical preferment he gave up poetry as unbefitting his profession.

Wealthy patrons of the art looked more and more upon exact knowledge of it as unbefitting the learning of a gentleman.