Unbelievably [adverb]

Definition of Unbelievably:


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Sentence/Example of Unbelievably:

The Earth, unbelievably bright, was beckoning them once more.

If he had been strangely slow he was now unbelievably swift.

The ground was unbelievably rough and the jolting intolerable.

His great arms were unbelievably powerful, but I could feel them dwindling.

The Wabbly was unbelievably impersonal and horrible in its progress.

Tallis, like the rest of the Kerothi, was unbelievably humanoid.

In the tropical portion it is unbelievably abundant and varied.

And Bors was astonished at her grief, and then unbelievably elated.

She was thin and wan, unbelievably broken and tired and hurt, but she was Joan.

The power of liquor as an article of trade was unbelievably great.