Unbending [adjective]

Definition of Unbending:

rigid, tough

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbending:

Sentence/Example of Unbending:

Her struggles met only the unbending, pitiless resistance of steel.

Old Dibs smiled a sickly smile, like he was unbending to a pair of kids.

The former should be strict, authoritative, unbending; the latter should be mild and gentle.

He had been brought up in the most unbending school of Toryism.

The trees seemed rigid and unbending in the wind that caressed his face.

The old man was in despair about the unbending resolutions of his sons.

The Church, unbending in this matter, has remained upright and entire.

In her heart Diana was a little afraid of the steady, unbending face.

Guizot was there early, pale and troubled, but stern and unbending.

When the mistress is indulgent, a fool should not be unbending.