Unbent [adjective]

Definition of Unbent:

aligned; not curved

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbent:

Sentence/Example of Unbent:

Caradoc unbent his dignity and explained what he had observed.

But since the day of the funeral her supple nature had unbent.

Necessarily he must have or he couldn't have unbent to me as he did.

But the captain took not the offered hand nor unbent his angry brow.

Here the sails were unbent to be repaired, and tents were set up on shore.

Nevertheless he unbent in the end to give the chief a job after his heart.

Miss West treated me the same way, but unbent more to Mr. Pike.

There was the advantage of being the only lady, and he unbent more than he ever did at home.

Even Percy unbent enough to interview one of the Corcoran boys.

Then he unbent a little in saying, "That's what's bothering me right now."