Unbinding [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unbinding:

Fold a clean napkin the length of your dish the fish is to go up in; take up the fish, unbind it, and lay it on the napkin.

"Order them to unbind me," entreated Foma, softly, in a mournful voice.

But unbind my hands, Sheriff, for your soul's sake, and let me meet my end valiantly.

Well, then, rascal, unbind my arm that I may summon the Nibelungen.

He managed to unbind himself, and slipped from our hands by the way.

To-morrow she may unbind her feet and prepare to join in the race for supremacy.

Why havent you any sort of people in your Church that can unbind you from promises?

I desired them to unbind her and let her alone, for they could not touch the spirit in her by which she was tormented.

Unbind the China womans feet and she suffers agonies, so that she cannot walk.

"Unbind her hands," said the magistrate, who had not spoken till then.