Unblessed [adjective]

Definition of Unblessed:


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Sentence/Example of Unblessed:

They hastened from the lonely, unblessed grave, holding each other's hand.

He was unblessed—or uncursed, whichever you may prefer—with imagination of any kind.

He shall be cool when the unblessed are hot and fever-stricken.

She must be present to assist at the birth, or your plans are unblessed plans.

And every joy is unblessed for which we do not give God thanks.

Every inordinate cup is unblessed, and the ingredient is a devil.

The suffering of a lonely life, unblessed by a single caress.

I do forgive her, she whispered, but can I forget myself, unblessed as I am?

Every inordinate cup is unblessed and the ingredient is a devil.

Get into line there, quick as love will let you, you unblessed Indiana spalpeans.