Unblushing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unblushing:

And to the violence which prevailed was added the most unblushing bribery.

The Master said, When words are unblushing, they are hard to make good.

"Because he loved her," replies the young man, with unblushing mendacity.

Surely the world has grown strangely intrusive and unblushing.

He has an astonishing amount of artfulness and unblushing impudence.

Drayton and Daniel developed the conceit with unblushing iteration.

She put herself in his way and laid hands on him with unblushing frankness.

Some instances of this unblushing venality are mentioned by Mr. Dobell.

I repeat it now, with words of praise for his splendid and unblushing unveracity.

The charge was maintained with the most unblushing effrontery.