Unborn [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unborn:

But still Mary pined so, he feared for her health—for his own unborn offspring.

She had gone to Africa to save him—in order that he might fall in love with her then unborn child.

It seems, for the time, to inherit all that has yet existed and to dictate to the unborn.

Therefore the name of the father of my unborn child must never, never, never be disclosed.

Then there 317 were the secret responsibilities––the unborn responsibilities.

Even the child's unborn soul had been present and accepted the yoke of the Torah.

The happiness of them all, including that unborn child, required it.

His fourth is with posterity, with the unborn, with his children and children's children.

Do—for the sake of a man who is innocent—for the sake—the sake of his unborn child!

The destiny of unborn and unnumbered generations is in your hands.