Unburden [adjective]

Definition of Unburden:

get rid of

Synonyms of Unburden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unburden:



Sentence/Example of Unburden:

She kept silent to give him an opportunity to unburden himself.

I was about to unburden myself completely; the heart trembled.

She, glad to unburden her mind, told him what Céline had said.

She had thought it all out carefully, and realized that she must unburden to some one.

It was a relief to him to unburden his mind, and Riddell encouraged him to do it.

Speak out, Daniel,” he said affectionately, “unburden your soul!

He surprised her very often, he was in such a hurry to unburden himself of all he was.

Higgins found it easier to unburden himself to one than to two.

There, after ordering a savory lunch, he invited Pant to unburden his soul.

She could not deceive her any longer, and determined to unburden her mind at once.