Uncanny [adjective]

Definition of Uncanny:

very strange, unusual

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncanny:

Sentence/Example of Uncanny:

The silence of it discomfited him beyond measure; it was, in a word, uncanny.

For my part, grim and uncanny as he looked, I was glad to see him.

Not only were his eyes averted from mine, but they were glassed to an uncanny degree.

This knowledge, with the dream, was to him an uncanny thing.

Everything one says and does seems to turn in one's mouth—it's—it's uncanny.

Even to his sober judgment, there came a suggestion of the uncanny, the supernatural.

She would be able to see what this uncanny thing was that shared her captivity.

It was uncanny that this Wanderer should address him by name.

She had an uncanny faculty of seeing through his every pretense.

The action was so uncanny that Philip was driven to intervene.