Unceasing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unceasing:

Her good humour was unceasing, and her countenance was as open as her heart.

He began in 1766 a life of unceasing activity, which continued.

The dry rustling of their leather wings was an unceasing rush of sound.

How strange and how unceasing are the anomalies of Irish life!

How Nettie could bear it all, was an unceasing marvel to the doctor.

Faint it was, and distant, but peculiar in its unvarying, unceasing rush.

So our efforts to find something, where we see nothing, are unceasing.

Sound was unceasing; and yet the mind found a stillness, a lake of calm.

She leaves nobody at peace, and is at times in a sort of unceasing disquiet.

That they could hold out that long under the unceasing fire he did not believe.