Uncharted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uncharted:

But Mary, Eliza, and Jane never sought out the uncharted way.

The atoll is known, but uncharted, because it is far outside the routes.

They hoped for gold and dreamed of access to uncharted lands of adventure.

The street was somewhere in that vague, uncharted, Balls Pond-Dalston region.

The massacres of 1641 sent them across the uncharted seas in great numbers.

He explained that it was to help him find his way through the uncharted country.

He had no compass, of course, and the country around was an uncharted sea to him.

We knew that men would not follow us, for they never enter the Uncharted Forest.

What happiness would it be to me to ride on uncharted tides!

The future seemed to him vague yet promising like an uncharted sea.