Unchastity [noun]

Definition of Unchastity:


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Sentence/Example of Unchastity:

This was abolished by Solon, except in the case of unchastity.

"It is as unfair to brand women with chastity as with unchastity," said Poll.

Unchastity and infidelity were as confused to him as to the Middle Ages, his only moral teacher.

Don John thwarts the marriage of Claudio by his tale of Hero's unchastity.

Divorce is permitted only on the ground of the unchastity of the wife.

Self-indulgence; followed by intemperance, unchastity, impatience, and other vices.

It is sadly true that men of all races are too prone to unchastity.

The right of concubinage was too extensive to bring condemnation for unchastity.

The causes of incontinence are the same as those of unchastity.

Drunkenness is not associated with Zeus, or unchastity with Hera or Athene.