Unchivalrous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unchivalrous:

"Damn the women," was the unchivalrous thought that rose to George's lips.

I'll be done with him for one,' added the unchivalrous friend.

Yielding to circumstances he accepted what he bluntly pronounced, ungenerous and unchivalrous terms.

The rest lay upon the hillside,—some past help, and all exposed to the fire of an unchivalrous foe.

But he loved her, and he would have deemed it unchivalrous to let her feel now that their relation to one another had changed.

The inflated state of the unchivalrous middle, denominated Manchester, terrified him.

I call it unchivalrous because it has been known to elide eulogies of enemy decency and enemy valour.

The wrath against this unchivalrous wickedness increased mightily.

Gourlay's men took their cue from their master, and were contemptuous of Barbie, most unchivalrous scorners of its old maids.

He had the unchivalrous poet's habit of revenging himself by satire when he met with a rebuff.