Uncivilized [adjective]

Definition of Uncivilized:

wild, uncultured

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncivilized:

Sentence/Example of Uncivilized:

He also brought in English workmen to teach the uncivilized Danes.

All in turn partook of the smoke of the weed which both the civilized and uncivilized man have prized so highly.

Ah, those masses of people--unintelligent, superstitious, uncivilized!

I have traveled among the uncivilized inhabitants of America.

There is nothing like a reception in any uncivilized country.

The perfection attained in this art by the uncivilized is marvelous.

This is the lesson I have been taught by my observations of uncivilized man.

The keen vision of the uncivilized hunter is well recognized.

But it was really the only material procurable in these uncivilized regions.

Then, and only then, will the progress of reform have been relieved of uncivilized obstruction.