Unclaimed [adjective]

Definition of Unclaimed:

unknown, usually by choice

Synonyms of Unclaimed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unclaimed:

Sentence/Example of Unclaimed:

Cross-references of unclaimed disclosure may be in either direction.

Unsought by him, unclaimed, in every common sense a stranger to him—how could she belong to him?

But, sir, why have you left such a sum for ten years unclaimed?

All unclaimed,” Macdonald said significantly, “and none of recent date.

These unclaimed trunks and boxes—you say they are in the fort?

I wrote to them at that address, but my letter was returned to me, 'Unclaimed.'

They had, therefore, to proceed until they could reach an unclaimed district.

Is that why we were able to buy them at that auction house where unclaimed goods are sold?

He was too interesting a personality to be going about unclaimed.

You come, don't you, to sell me the secret of an unclaimed inheritance, which belongs to me?