Uncleanliness [noun]

Definition of Uncleanliness:

dirty state

Synonyms of Uncleanliness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncleanliness:

Sentence/Example of Uncleanliness:

The worst fault of the comforter is to be found in its uncleanliness.

Will the teacher's complaint of uncleanliness be heeded by trustees?

She had no idea of their uncleanliness; it was simply a matter of discomfort.

The Spirit of God had dwelt amidst the uncleanliness of the people.

Rob them of their superstition, and they perish amid all uncleanliness.

It left him conscious of his own uncleanliness and shortcomings.

Death usually results from infection, and infection from uncleanliness.

Worst of all, sometimes she felt a degree of uncleanliness about his mind and its working.

The kitchen is lighted to perfection, so that all uncleanliness is at once detected.

Furthermore, the most reckless charges of uncleanliness are made.