Unclothed [verb]

Definition of Unclothed:


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Sentence/Example of Unclothed:

Save for a wisp of rag about the loins, his body was unclothed, and glistened in the wet.

It is for this we groan, not that we would be unclothed, but clothed upon.

The women join the dance, cavorting about unclothed, just as the men do.

I have seen her unclothed, I have seen her costumed only in her alabaster skin.

He was unclothed, save for a tiger skin about his muscular waist.

“With the unclothed eye I can perceive that you get me,” the sailor continued.

There was a difference that could be distinguished with the unclothed optic.

I could understand, perhaps, why the statue of Truth should be unclothed.

Remember what was his position, unclothed in the Castle of Antwerp!

Whether clothed or unclothed, whether 'in the body or out of the body,' he might not be able to say.