Uncolored [adjective]

Definition of Uncolored:

fair, impartial

Synonyms of Uncolored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncolored:

Sentence/Example of Uncolored:

The uncolored part of the clay is not glazed but polished with a hard tool.

The majority of our species are uncolored, like the figure of Polygyra albolabris.

They may be had in two thicknesses and either colored or uncolored.

They come in two sizes and may be had in colors or uncolored.

One of these, an uncolored map of Europe, attracted his attention.

Theoretically it gives only the plainest facts, uncolored by any bias.

The cytoplasm is uncolored, but may contain some brilliant granules.

First, find out the kind your friends like if you possibly can, and do not give Ceylon to a lover of uncolored Japan!

It is rich, double-thick cream cheese, ranging from a pale to a dark yellow, although when uncolored it may be white.

For the uncolored illuminants the range in nautical miles appears to be at least equal to the square root of the candle-power.