Uncombed [adjective]

Definition of Uncombed:


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Sentence/Example of Uncombed:

Tip ran his fingers through his uncombed hair, and laughed with the rest.

Her hair was uncombed and she was in her slippers, but she did not think of that.

They were dusty and uncombed, hatless, bonnetless and ragged, and they did look so tired!

In a moment Augustinovich ran in, uncombed and hardly dressed.

But for my uncombed ungroomed grimy-faced thoughts I turn to them.

Her hair was uncombed and she wore a brilliant red housecoat.

His hair hung uneven and uncombed to his thick rounded shoulders.

Look at these rough and ragged people, unwashed, uncombed, untaught.

His hair was uncombed, and the skin under his eyes hung in little bags.

His fair hair, very thin and getting gray at the crown, was long and uncombed, and his moustache was ragged and grossly stained.