Uncomfortable [adjective]

Definition of Uncomfortable:

painful, rough

Synonyms of Uncomfortable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncomfortable:

Sentence/Example of Uncomfortable:

Meanwhile, Halbert Davis had passed an uncomfortable and restless night.

She felt it without knowing what she felt, or why they made her uncomfortable.

Perhaps it was sin that had made her so weak and uncomfortable.

I suppose that is what makes a father and son so uncomfortable in each other's presence.'

Tom went into his room, and went to bed, full of uncomfortable thoughts.

He was not uncomfortable, as it was a warm evening, and the pile of bags was soft.

It was not because Wentworth had deserted him that Kenyon felt so uncomfortable and depressed.

Nevertheless, it was an uncomfortable day for those who were poor sailors.

Periodically, it made her uncomfortable on the subject of her eldest son.

Somehow or other it always makes me uncomfortable when people talk about my work.