Uncomplaining [adjective]

Definition of Uncomplaining:

capable, willing to endure

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncomplaining:

Sentence/Example of Uncomplaining:

She was deeply wounded and silent, uncomplaining; she seemed to be dying hourly.

Yet she was, as the doctor had said, calm and uncomplaining.

Thorpe gave her the mystified yet uncomplaining glance she knew so well in his eyes.

Eliot is all about This place, with his most uncomplaining brow.

His air was so gay, so uncomplaining, that it was hard to believe it came from him.

He was very brave and uncomplaining in suffering, but also very sensitive and emotional.

Think of all the Kitty Killigrews you've poured into my uncomplaining ears!

Fearless, uncomplaining, she “trusted in God and made no haste.”

The Emperor set his men an example of uncomplaining cheerfulness.

Patience, uncomplaining endurance, never yet stole the garments of joy.