Uncomplimentary [adjective]

Definition of Uncomplimentary:


Opposite/Antonyms of Uncomplimentary:

Sentence/Example of Uncomplimentary:

I would have said uncomplimentary things to him had time permitted.

I guess I'll keep my opinions to myself next time, when they are so uncomplimentary.

“You speak in an uncomplimentary fashion of government,” said the girl, smiling.

The Valley troops drew the most uncomplimentary comparisons.

Mr. Grey passed over the uncomplimentary remark with a smile.

Marjorie was forced to laugh at Jerry's uncomplimentary comparison.

"So do you," retorted Peabody, who felt that this was uncomplimentary.

The perfumer could only have been half pleased with this uncomplimentary form.

Yet he recognized the truth of the resemblance; it was uncomplimentary, but he felt relieved.

I suppose you think me uncomplimentary in such a suggestion.