Uncompromising [adjective]

Definition of Uncompromising:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Uncompromising:

Sentence/Example of Uncompromising:

Kingozi continued to stare at him in the most uncompromising manner.

A stern, uncompromising, and solemn spirit of inquiry is abroad.

But in everyday life in what an uncompromising way they oppose each other!

He smiled lazily at the uncompromising vigour of her criticism.

You proved it by your uncompromising firmness in the affair of Tavora.

She came to it straight enough on that uncompromising summons.

But Sophia was uncompromising in her demand for strict justice.

No action was too small, no emotion too insignificant, for his uncompromising realism.

His voice was quiet, yet its every accent was final and uncompromising.

Hervey was there, but chose to treat their story with uncompromising incredulity.