Unconcernedly [adverb]

Definition of Unconcernedly:


Synonyms of Unconcernedly:

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Sentence/Example of Unconcernedly:

"Spec she's taken dem dogs a walkin'," said black Deborah unconcernedly.

All who had a right to go to sleep, did so as unconcernedly as if they had been in a hotel.

"Just since she appeared on the paper," returned Kathleen unconcernedly.

Lisbeth answered as unconcernedly as she could, "Yes, it is; I remember it."

But my housekeeper was not at all willing to let us go off so unconcernedly.

I raised against it, coldly and unconcernedly, my uncovered head.

Everybody discussed me; and did it as unconcernedly as if I had been a cabbage.

The doctor picked it up and held it unconcernedly in his fingers.

As for Sebastian, he administered the drug to her as unconcernedly as if she were a rabbit.

"Truthful's the word you want, dear," drawled Grace, unconcernedly.