Unconformable [adjective]

Definition of Unconformable:

bad, obnoxious; hostile

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconformable:

Sentence/Example of Unconformable:

Strata are said to be unconformable when they do not lie in regular, parallel sequence.

The Magdala group is unconformable to that of Ashangi in some places.

Massive conglomerates occur in these series, which are unconformable on the Dalradian rocks of Connemara.

These, it will be seen, are horizontal, and lie in what is termed "unconformable stratification" on the more ancient series.

Although usually conformable to the oolite, it is sometimes, as in the Jura, unconformable.

In the grounds of the Admiralty House curious instances of unconformable strata are laid bare in old quarries.

Who henceforth would receive her save those, unconformed and unconformable, sentenced to sin in this realm of blackness?

The complete biological contrasts between the fossil contents of unconformable strata are sufficiently explicable.

Carboniferous rocks appear in small faulted tracts, unconformable on the Silurian, on 832 the shores of the Solway Firth.