Unconscionable [adjective]

Definition of Unconscionable:

immoral, immoderate

Synonyms of Unconscionable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconscionable:

Sentence/Example of Unconscionable:

It is unconscionable that Khalid should misappropriate Party funds.

They seemed to be taking an unconscionable time to get there.

Feasts in Fairyland occupy an unconscionable length of time.

By the way, what an unconscionable lot of letters there must be to keep him in there all this time!

He would have pitilessly repressed my unconscionable volubility.

Like our Charles the Second he took "an unconscionable time a-dying."

Bigotry, like Charles II., takes an unconscionable time in dying.

There we had to wait the most unconscionable time for dinner.

I have stayed an unconscionable time, and I found your Master delightful.

What she did tell me amounted, in my unconscionable estimation—to nothing.