Unconscionably [adverb]

Definition of Unconscionably:


Synonyms of Unconscionably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconscionably:

Sentence/Example of Unconscionably:

But, in sober sadness, it is very rare, and unconscionably dear.

This is a very amusing (but scarce and unconscionably dear) book.

In short, truth is only too often most unconscionably sacrificed to effect.

At any rate, he did not hesitate to exploiter them most unconscionably.

The objection to the term provided in the bill is that it is unconscionably long.

He was a passionate, impatient worker, too often unconscionably superficial.

"I fear I have paid you an unconscionably long visit," I said.

In the back, down to her girdle and in the front down——unconscionably low.

The afternoon promised to be unconscionably long in reaching four o'clock, and Forbes set out for another saunter down the Avenue.

An unconscionably long time when you have a delicious sole à la Regence getting cold on your hands.