Unconscious [adjective]

Definition of Unconscious:

not awake; out cold

Synonyms of Unconscious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconscious:

Sentence/Example of Unconscious:

Yet his voice was unbroken and he was, indeed, unconscious of the tears.

This was the effect of the unconscious influence of Harry Ashton.

And last night he himself had carried down Wilson's unconscious figure.

The edge of the ice-cake had taken Tiakens under the chin and he was unconscious.

Evidently Donald's foot was caught and he was unconscious from the pain.

It is one of the strongest symptoms of love, that we are unconscious of its extent.

At length she said, unconscious that she was speaking aloud, "But he is not my brother, after all!"

That sad and unconscious question went to the heart of Morton.

"I didn't suppose you kept a place for me," he said, with an unconscious dignity.

You're all unconscious of it, but I want you to realise it and know that I do, too.