Unconsidered [adjective]

Definition of Unconsidered:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unconsidered:


Sentence/Example of Unconsidered:

Miss Amabel was pure Addington in all her unconsidered impulses.

It had been a cruel letter, but unconsidered, like the tantrum of a child.

Was it for an unconsidered and foolish whim that they came to me, then?

And a part of it was the unconsidered language of a loving woman.

It would delight a gatherer-up of unconsidered trifles to see one of them.

The surprise placed in his mouth ardent, unconsidered words.

This is felt as a difficulty by women, while it is unnoticed and unconsidered by men.

Law is to be of no private, sudden, unconsidered administration.

I did not believe that she was generally guilty of unconsidered speech.

Electra struck her hands together in a passionate, unconsidered gesture.