Uncontrollably [adverb]

Definition of Uncontrollably:


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Sentence/Example of Uncontrollably:

He cried out in pain, uncontrollably, and let Ringg slip from his grasp.

She found it hard to understand her own anger or why it had flared so uncontrollably.

She was the demurest of all in seeming when she danced, but she was uncontrollably jealous.

Paris adored her wildly, uncontrollably, to the hour of his death.

She looked down at them, and burst out laughing, uncontrollably.

It was shaking, uncontrollably, and moved off to the right of where he wanted it to go.

Ann had liked him, as suddenly and as uncontrollably as she had liked Garvin.

With me it swept to sentiment, and carried me uncontrollably in its undertow.

Then Rom suddenly, horribly, uncontrollably, was seized with hiccups.

For Norah had broken down and was weeping bitterly, uncontrollably.