Unconvinced [adjective]

Definition of Unconvinced:


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Sentence/Example of Unconvinced:

Garson, however, was unconvinced, notwithstanding his deference to the judgment of his leader.

Still that unconvinced expression, and her face turned expectant to me.

And if you reply 'Yes,' there will be a case for Euripides; for our tongue will be unconvinced, but not our mind.

Indeed, I was unconvinced that Robert Strickland did not share their illusion.

“I know thou saidst so,” answered Abraham in an unconvinced tone.

Isn't it odd how unconvinced we often are by the crises in the lives of other people?

She looked at him, as if unconvinced, raising her dark, sensible eyebrows.

"She is nice every way," she told the unconvinced Aunt Olivia.

So, unconvinced, I returned to the Grand Hotel full of wonder.

Miss Bartlett was unconvinced by the safety of Contessa Baroncelli's daughters.