Uncooperative [adjective]

Definition of Uncooperative:

not cooperative

Synonyms of Uncooperative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncooperative:

Sentence/Example of Uncooperative:

Civilization simply could not tolerate an unhappy, uncooperative citizen.

Because it is almost unknown country: there are indications that the heathen who occupy it are uncooperative.

They were nervous, irritable, disobedient, and uncooperative while they were there—and even they didn't know why.

And there was a sullen, uncooperative note in his voice, a jarring sound that made Larry uneasy and a little angry.

He had his mind set on a certain young lady who lived there, but up to this time she had been uncooperative.

His friends told him that his uncooperative attitude was bound to get him into trouble.