Uncorrupted [adjective]

Definition of Uncorrupted:


Opposite/Antonyms of Uncorrupted:


Sentence/Example of Uncorrupted:

In Siam the Buddhist religion has been preserved pure and uncorrupted.

Pure and genuine feelings of uncorrupted nature, why are ye ever subdued?

He would be a true redman of the forest, uncorrupted to the last.

The blessings of an uncorrupted mind ever, ever, be your possession.

Let us examine the methods taken by the Vaudois to preserve them uncorrupted.

Are these things, I pray you, proofs that human nature is whole and uncorrupted?

That little creature is singing the true, uncorrupted song of life.

He proposed that the couple should take Tess's own name, d'Urberville, as uncorrupted.

All the finer qualities of uncorrupted humanity seem to be his by birthright.

That the Divine law has in this sense come down to us uncorrupted, is an assertion which admits of no dispute.