Uncouth [adjective]

Definition of Uncouth:

clumsy, uncultivated

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncouth:

Sentence/Example of Uncouth:

He was the first tragedian of the Comdie, and the most uncouth man in France or anywhere else.

Their uncouth simplicity was, as they say of wines, their race.

The sight of these things filled the boy with a respect for the uncouth fellow.

For so uncouth a person he was strangely commendable and worthy.

My own looked so enormous and clumsy and uncouth by comparison.

For the most part they were heavy, frowsy creatures, slatternly and uncouth.

He was certainly not the rough, uncouth man she had expected to find.

It brought Pedro in with an extraordinary, uncouth, primeval impetuosity.

They are uncouth figures, with vague legends and miscellaneous attributes.

They were honest, uncouth, simple; they were just like children, the children of the Wild.