Uncovering [verb]

Definition of Uncovering:

reveal, disclose

Synonyms of Uncovering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncovering:

Sentence/Example of Uncovering:

Uncovering his head, he let the night wind cool his hot temples.

One room only, over the kitchen, gave hope of uncovering something.

Leland ran after him, and, uncovering, stood bareheaded before him.

"Open them with care, friends," said Standish uncovering his head.

I then alighted from my horse and uncovering the face, found it was Col. Martin Scott.

Never a word about my efforts in uncovering the plot in the first place.

All there was to be done was wait the uncovering of their hands.

Dulcibel was not prepared for such a burst of wrath, and such an uncovering of the heart.

"I dare not hope so," sobbed she, uncovering her eyes, and glancing at me.

His hat was pushed back, uncovering a forehead seamed and sweaty.