Uncovers [verb]

Definition of Uncovers:

reveal, disclose

Synonyms of Uncovers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncovers:

Sentence/Example of Uncovers:

But such a fashion of beard, while covering a man's face, does much to uncover the man.

Which one of the fifty-seven varieties have you elected to uncover first?

And we are as likely now to uncover a war party as a herd of antelope.

Rub his arms and legs toward his body but do not uncover him to do this.

The Jew might not uncover the body in the face of the temple.

Uncover your bread; see that all diners have knife, spoon, and napkin.

You know that if I uncover any indication of a crime, all bets are off.

I have every confidence that Lt. Smith will uncover a good thing.

No woman should ever uncover her neck to any man but her husband!

As you will, gentlemen; but uncover yourselves, for I speak in the king's name.