Uncreative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uncreative:

In his capacity as an atomic engine inspector, his work was most uncreative.

Only an unimaginative and uncreative mind can occupy itself as Smoot's does.

Now, genius-worship is the infallible sign of an uncreative age.

Politically the continent of Europe remained traditional and uncreative from the time of Charlemagne onward for a thousand years.

They manifold their being and their emotions because of a blind and uncreative yearning for the universal and infinity.

The movement struck Arnott Nicholson aside into his place among the multitudes of the uncreative.

In this respect the Italians, though apparently so uncreative, may be called more original than the Romans.

Change and variety are favourable to creative genius as they are unfavourable to uncreative study.

It is the uncreative critics, it is never the creative craftsmen, who dwell on the danger of taking too much interest in technic.

The facile, uncreative Wills was granted many chances, and in Charles I lost an opportunity to make a lasting drama.