Uncritical [adjective]

Definition of Uncritical:

casual, unfussy

Synonyms of Uncritical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncritical:

Sentence/Example of Uncritical:

When you once begin there is no end of them, and they spring from an uncritical philosophy after all.

She was surprised to see him so unstudied, so uncritical, so humorously anecdotal.

They may have been mistaken: Roosevelt may be uncritical in his judgments.

It was an age of accumulation, of uncritical and indiscriminate enthusiasm.

She despised his uncritical, unironical nature, it had nothing for her.

This, however, is assuming a great deal, and in so doing is uncritical.

But this period of uncritical optimism was followed by a natural reaction.

So uncritical has he become that he puts Manfred above Faust.

The dog is fond and uncritical—let us pat the faithful animal.

The charge of uncritical or indiscriminate admission cannot be substantiated.