Uncrowded [adjective]

Definition of Uncrowded:

extensive, expansive

Synonyms of Uncrowded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncrowded:

Sentence/Example of Uncrowded:

Unusual opportunities for men 19 to 55 in this uncrowded profession.

The atoms of the exosphere were lonely, uncrowded, isolated particles.

Hear me, you who live out in the uncrowded part of the country.

Mile on mile piled up as they drove along the uncrowded roads leading out of Morrisville.

Most Fijians have broad, roomy jaws that permit complete and uncrowded tooth development.

An uncrowded tree in good soil and climate grows much faster than if circumstances are adverse.

The teeth are sharp-pointed, uncrowded, and individually less specialized than in any other American weasel.

A world at peace, uncrowded, unscarred by the feverish excavation and building of man.

Though the featherbeds were gone, it would be delicious to lie on the floor, uncrowded, and sheltered from the night.

In fact it is only the same path we see in uncrowded town life everywhere in our land.