Unctuousness [noun]

Definition of Unctuousness:

empty talk

Synonyms of Unctuousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unctuousness:


Sentence/Example of Unctuousness:

"It's the name of a shell, my dear,—just the name of a shell," explained Rollins with some unctuousness.

Beside it Claude's has a suspicion, at least, of unctuousness.

They are also sometimes called Fat Oils, on account of their unctuousness, in which they exceed all other sorts of Oil.

To such a mind there is no unctuousness, by which ideas may be fastened upon others without their assent.

Sometimes, as in the case of Oehlenschlger, advancing years produce in the talent a suspicion of corpulence, of unctuousness.

But before the sudden woodeny set of his daughter's placid mouth his unctuousness twisted just a little bit wryly on his lips.

Hate and love, unctuousness or slime, which is particularly obnoxious in some religious people.

He smiled as he spoke with the unctuousness of a villain administering poison in a bouquet of roses.

Its words drop fatness, its face oozes with unctuousness, its eyes swim with dews of mirth.

There was an unctuousness in his courtesy that irritated Philip, but perhaps Philip envied him his place in the gig.