Uncultivated [adjective]

Definition of Uncultivated:

not cultivated

Synonyms of Uncultivated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncultivated:

Sentence/Example of Uncultivated:

I liked to have him about me, as uncultivated kings like to have their fools.

Such was the language, and such the affecting simplicity of the innocent and uncultivated Imogen.

What is it that adorns and enhances all the wild and uncultivated scenes of nature?

Every thing had the face of uncultivated luxuriance, and impenetrable solitude.

The slopes of the hills were then, as they are now, uncultivated, and covered with bushes.

The most ignorant and uncultivated could readily understand it.

Beyond are seen lofty mountains, uncultivated and uninhabited.

This is seen in the savage, the child, and uncultivated men as well as other animals.

Mark how the uncultivated spectators are profuse of their applause!

The country about is (a tract of) uncultivated hillocks, without inhabitants.