Uncultured [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uncultured:

Each man, ignorant, uncultured in all else, was a past master at poker—an artist.

His dress was very plain and poor, his manner was uncultured, his language was ungrammatical.

His was the voice of an uncultured man, but his tone was that of an equal.

So I am not going to apologize for the rough and uncultured speech.

Have you no wild, uncultured spot to show me, which the hand of man has not defaced?

He may have been an uncultured savage, but he was a man, and very human.

A very strange, uncultured personage, but most straightforward and honest.

But why should M. Lacheneur give his daughter to an uncultured peasant?

He was simply an uncultured, ignorant, rough-and-ready, Irish-American backwoodsman.

The criminal has always been the hero, almost the saint, of the uncultured.