Uncurbed [adjective]

Definition of Uncurbed:

excessive, extravagant

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncurbed:

Sentence/Example of Uncurbed:

That brutal spirit of monopoly is still abroad and uncurbed.

This uncurbed liberty, however, was necessarily of short duration.

And thought began to gallop again, uncurbed, frantic, stampeding.

To pain a person who stirred her antagonism, this twenty uncurbed years had made one of Lillian Drew's first instincts.

Boone's eyes were sparkling; his imagination galloping free and uncurbed.

All that was bitter and hard in her soul, rose up at once to resent the indignity which her own uncurbed impulses had provoked.

That uncurbed dominion of the senses, to which his very boyhood had abandoned itself, found a willing slave in the man.

Some of the emotion of these lines arose simply from uncurbed youthful reaction from disappointment.

Dreams are a temporary insanity—reason sleeps and the mind roams the universe, uncurbed and wildly free.

This was the uncurbed tendency of the age which ultimated into universal custom.