Uncurled [adjective]

Definition of Uncurled:

aligned; not curved

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncurled:

Sentence/Example of Uncurled:

When the last had risen, Queeth uncurled himself and rose from the box.

She said nothing to herself now about barber's blocks or uncurled whiskers.

It curled round and round him like a whip, and then it uncurled and wound the other way.

Her dark hair was limp and uncurled, and her lips were as ashy as her face.

She uncurled May's loose fingers and laid them against her breast in the darkness.

One end was uncurled, and I was longing for him to stick it down again.

He waited a little longer, and then he uncurled just enough to peep out.

Its sweet pink petals are uncurled and conscious in the wavering light.

The little finger was, of course, uncurled at the instant of loose.

Millions of young leaves had uncurled themselves in the warmth.