Uncustomary [adjective]

Definition of Uncustomary:

bizarre, odd

Synonyms of Uncustomary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncustomary:

Sentence/Example of Uncustomary:

They all confessed that it was really so uncustomary that they did not know but what they would have to give notice.

In France it is not uncustomary to commit suicide at this stage; in England we do much better, or much worse, as the case may be.

Customs are made for customary circumstances, and customary characters: and his circumstances or his character may be uncustomary.

It shows how human nature can adapt itself to the most uncustomary things.

To refuse it was as uncustomary and as rude as to refuse the Alaskan miner who offers a drink at a public bar.

So true is it that unnatural generally means only uncustomary, and that everything which is usual appears natural.

The matter is different when we do not properly estimate an uncustomary sense-impression.