Undecipherable [adjective]

Definition of Undecipherable:


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Sentence/Example of Undecipherable:

"And a priest, too, I suppose," said Dalroy in an undecipherable manner.

There was no mark or initials, save an undecipherable monogram.

Captain, will you tell me what your undecipherable document contained?

He stopped, for the undecipherable look had strengthened suddenly.

The inscriptions on the oldest tombstones are undecipherable.

The result is that messages become blurred and undecipherable.

He remarks that what precedes is “incomplete and undecipherable.”

The carpus and tarsus of Amphibamus are as yet undecipherable.

A second tomb of the vicinity, also marked by an undecipherable inscription, is of similar character.

The paper with the blanks filled in was so smeared from long moisture that the written parts were undecipherable.