Undefeated [adjective]

Definition of Undefeated:


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Sentence/Example of Undefeated:

But there will be no peace for Europe while Germany remains an undefeated autocracy.

And then there was a defiance about his nostrils that showed he was undefeated.

But nevertheless you are a masculine being, strong and undefeated.

Jack snorted, but Sarella, undefeated, proceeded to put the case of his being ill.

Meanwhile the poet in 1833 went on quietly and undefeated with his work.

This is Lucy Davenport; twenty-three, undefeated in anything as yet and so unsoftened.

The clipper ship is gone but the skipper remains, an undefeated champion.

Taking rest for awhile from the exhaustion of seven hours of this Homeric struggle, the undefeated Hamilton again laid his plans.

But we undefeated tourists ran about in droves and saw all that could be seen before train-time.

And yet, because the Spaniards had an undefeated fleet at sea somewhere, they hesitated, and were nearly lost.